Digifin Products- Video KYC|E-KYC|C-KYC|Digital IPV|Security KYC
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  • Plug and play
  • Multiple channel enablement
  • Easy and intuitive UI that is also
  • responsive
  • Robust and scalable architecture
  • PAN and KRA based verification
  • Pre-established partnerships eKYC Mandate
  • cKYC Mandate
  • Pen nyDrop
  • eSign
  • Digital In-Person verification
  • Digital signature capture
  • Flexible options to upload digital documents
  • Payment gateway integration
  • SMS & Email Gateway
  • Seamless connectivity with core systems
  • OCR & Image's Data Capture
  • Video Conferencing and Screen Co-Sharing
  • Role based access
  • Ticketing system for help access Customer-sales agent mapping
  • Alerts and notifications for agents Maker checker approval
  • Output PDF file generation Mobile a p p for Sales agents
  • Campaign Management
  • Rich MIS reports
  • Digilocker Integration

Why Choose Digifin


Reputation & Features

  • A truly integrated Platform featuring every aspect of BFSI account opening process.

  • Big time Customer base in BFIS, India

  • Locally sold and supported with an emphasis on personalized service

  • Benchmarked with industry peers to include every imaginable feature

  • Ongoing, continual product development and evolution to keep up with the changing needs of the industry

  • Complete integration for all BFSI norms of CDSL, NSDL, BSE and NSE.

  • PAN interface & Aadhar Interface to update your personal credentials

  • An already established BFSI customer base

  • A full-fledged automation tool software that Improves operational efficiency for financial businesses

  • Excellent back office system with legendary reliability and high-end security

Customized not Cookie Cut

  • We pride ourselves in providing a system that exceeds your expectations and firmly do not believe in a one size fits all policy

  • We are flexible and accommodative and willing to continually evolve the product with features that you as a client see as valuable

  • Talk to us about your ideas and we will make these a reality, we have the technical know-how, willingness and drive to customize the software to ensure you get the most out of your investment


Compliance aliments

  • Digifin Platform honors all the statuary and regulatory compliance

  • Integrated with Pan site , KRA, Aadhar systems

  • Cross selling of services within varying Product

  • Has interface to interact with core system

  • Has service to handshake data between Omnesys and UCC


Consistency Across Devices, Cost Effective, Improved User Experience, Limited Friction


Control your style and design from branding to data.


Assisted and un-assisted channels have real time access to all applications and origination flows.


We producing good results without costing a lot of money, ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support


We have the capability of an enterprise to deliver products or services to its customers in the most effective manner


User experience (UX) refers to the quality of the user's interaction with and perceptions of a system.

Additional Features

  • Agreements and Disclosures - eSign & Digital Signature Capture

  • Alerts

  • Application Management

  • Compliance Alignment - (e.g. BSA, KYC, CIP, TCPA)

  • "Express Path" for existing customers and prospects

  • ID Capture for pre-fill

  • Integrated offers and cross sell reccomendations

  • Online Banking Enrollment Online Banking Enrollment

  • jBPM workflow support

  • Real-time Integration

  • Leading authentication and verification industry packages

  • Leading core application for booking and funding


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